Traffic Accident Help

If you were to get into a car accident while driving a Car Club car, do not panic. Stay calm and assess the situation, noting down as many details as possible. Follow the below “best practices” to safeguard your liabilities.

Stop The Vehicle

Stop at the scene of the accident.

Check For Injuries

Check all parties involved for any injuries. If anyone needs immediate medical attention, call 995 immediately. Do not move the bodies or vehicles while waiting for help, unless instructed by police at the scene.

Exchange Particulars

Names, NRIC and phone numbers of all parties involved should be exchanged and noted down. This includes any witnesses and pedestrians.

Gather Evidence

Take photos of the accident site and the surrounding areas. Capture lane markings, skid marks and any nearby debris. Your photos should include vehicle numbers, if any. Make a note of the date, time and location as well as weather and road conditions.

Contact Us

Call us at 6788 1511 and our duty officer will assist you further.

Report The Accident

Report the accident together with the vehicle at IDAC within 24 hours or by the next working day of the accident.

**Note: Do not admit or discuss liabilities with the other parties involved in the accident.

Source: Singapore Legal Advice

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