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Easy Car Access Without The High Costs

Stations Near You
Quality Cars For You
Easy Access 365 Days

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Flexible Pay-Per-Use Rates

Flexible Hourly or Daily Rates

Hourly: from $11

Daily Special (24 hours): from $78.50

Business Day (Weekdays only 7am – 7pm): from $56

Owl Special (9pm – 6am): from $29

Includes free km, petrol & insurance!

Your Benefits With Car-Sharing

Reliable and Trusted

We are the largest and most established Car-Sharing operator in Singapore since 1997. With decades of experience and a solid reputation, we are committed in delivering exceptional Car-Sharing experiences to you.

Gives You Financial Freedom

Research shows most cars are under-used 70% of the time. If you don’t drive often to justify the expenses, Car-Sharing frees you from the burden of long-term financial responsibilities that come with car ownership.

Affordable and Flexible Use

You make the decisions of when and where you need a car, and pay only for what you use. From hourly to a full-day usage, Car Club takes care of the car insurance, petrol, season parking fee, road tax and maintenance!

Accessible, Convenient and Easy

24/7 access to 260+ cars at 110+ Car-Sharing stations in Singapore. Conveniently located at HDB estates, MRT stations & commercial buildings. Book cars online easily with instant confirmation, 60 days in advance or within 15 minutes.

Right Car for the Right Occasion

Our diversified fleet offers you a wide variety of choices that will serve your needs. You could be out with your date, performing personal errands or having a family outing, we’ve got you covered with the right cars every time.

Positive Effects on The Environment

Car-Sharing makes a significant impact on the lives of our future generations, by reducing the number of private vehicles and most notably, cut down greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming.

Sign-Up Now & Enjoy The Benefits

“I can book a car from the comfort of my home or via the mobile app and pick it up, which is 5 mins walk from my home. It’s so convenient and I can drive different cars for different occasions – MPV for family outings and economy cars for others. It’s DEFINITELY a win-win situation for me, my family and my wallet.”

Sign-up In 3 Simple Steps

All you need to do is just fill up the registration form below in 2 simple steps and you are closer to enjoying our membership perks. Upon successful submission of the registration form, our Membership Services Team will get in touch with you within 1-3 working days to assist with your membership onboarding.


1. You should be 24 years old & above, possess a valid Singapore driver’s licence and have at least 2 years of driving experience. If your driver’s licence is issued outside of Singapore, please refer to the Singapore Traffic Police link for more details.

2. Please prepare scanned copies of your NRIC or work pass and driver’s licence (front and back) to be accompanied with this registration form. Each image file size should be less than 1MB. Alternatively, you can also send them to us at +65 8781 8620 via Whatsapp.

3. Minimum membership period is 1 year. A one-time registration fee of $100, a one-month membership fee of $10.70, and a refundable deposit of $100 for Singaporeans/PRs or $200 for foreigners/ work pass holders are applicable. Automatic renewal of monthly membership fee ($10.70) will be done via your credit card.

Vanitee Users Start Your Membership Journey Here

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