By submitting your ValuePlan300 (“VP300”)application, you (“VP Subscriber”) hereby authorise Car Club Pte Ltd (“Car Club”) to charge and to deduct the ValuePlan Prepayment of $300 (“VP Prepayment”) from your credit card account being the purchase of 300 ValuePlan driving credits (“VP300 Credits”), and to automatically debit your account for VP Prepayment top-up when your VP Subscriber’s account balance reaches zero, is in deficit or has expired, whichever occurs first.

In the event of membership termination by VP Subscriber, any ValuePoint balance may be refunded at the pro-rated VP Prepayment less $50 administrative fee. Bonus VP300 credits, if any, is not refundable.

Subject to Clause 1, this standing instruction shall remain in force until it is cancelled by VP Subscriber with one month’s notice in writing to Car Club.

ValuePlan Terms and Conditions

1. The minimum ValuePlan subscription period is six (6) months from the Commencement Date approved by Car Club.

2. VP Prepayment shall be free of interest and converted to VP Credits at the exchange rates shown in the Car Club website and e-invoice in VP Subscriber’s account.

3. VP300 Credits shall be valid only if VP Prepayment is fully paid and received by Car Club.

4. VP Prepayment is non-refundable.

5. The validity period for VP300 Credits are within 4 months from Commencement Date or in the case of top-up, 4 months from each automatic top-up date.

6. Unused or expired VP300 Credits are non-refundable when they exceed the validity period.

7. VP300 Credits can be used to offset time usage and KM Fees.

8. ValuePlan rates and VP300 Credits exchange rates are subject to change.

9. Subject to Clause 1, VP Subscriber may change from ValuePlan to Standard Plan by giving Car Club at least one month’s notice in writing.

10. VP Subscriber agrees that reservations are not guaranteed.

11. This Supplemental agreement must be read together with the Car Club Membership Agreement signed between VP Subscriber and Car Club. Unless herein amended, supplemented and replaced the terms and conditions of the Membership Agreement shall continue to apply.