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About Car-Sharing

Car-Sharing is an on-demand personal transportation service that gives member 24/7 convenient access to a personal vehicle when the need arises.

Flexible hourly or daily rates are available to meet the member’s lifestyle needs.

Watch our video tutorial & learn how simple it is >> 3 Easy Steps With Car-Sharing

If you only need to use a car on hourly or daily basis, Car-Sharing offers you much more flexibility and convenience compared to car rental.

Learn more about the differences HERE or see comparison chart below (Swipe chart to left > right if viewing on mobile device):

Car-Sharing Car Rental
Affordable hourly usage rates Y N
Urgent or last minute vehicle booking Y N
24-hour car access Y N
Pick-up at 110+ stations of your choice islandwide Y N
Petrol included in usage rates Y N

It’s about having more transportation choices in addition to public transport and taxi / ride hailing. 

Members enjoy the flexibility of our Per-Per-Use model and with modern technology, Car-Sharing service works like having your own car with 24/7 convenient access.

No need to worry about long-term high expenses such as monthly instalments, petrol, maintenance, season parking, and insurance. 

We have 110+ stations all over Singapore. Each one has designated parking lots reserved for our vehicles.

They are strategically located at HDB estates, MRT stations and commercial buildings. The network of stations are constantly expanded to bring convenience and value to our members. Click to find a station near you

If you wish to suggest a location, you can also Contact Us.

Members get 24/7 access to 260+ cars.

They are grouped under the Economy, Plus and Premium categories comprising of Hatchbacks, Sedans, MPVs and Cargo Vans.

Click to view the range of vehicles and rates.

Car-Sharing has continued to evolve in Singapore since it was first launched in 1997. 

With over 21 years of experience as the most established Car-Sharing operator in Singapore, we are committed to providing members with quality Car-Sharing experience.

Click to know more about us.

Join Car Club Membership

All nationalities are eligible to join Car Club. You just have to fulfill these 3 basic requirements. 

  • You should be at least 24 years old
  • Possess a Class 3/3A driving licence
  • Have at least 2 years of driving experience

According to the information listed in the Singapore Traffic Police website, “A foreigner holding a valid foreign licence may drive in Singapore for a period of not more than 12 months. A Singapore driving licence is required after 12 months. Those on short-term social visit may drive with their foreign licence. For licences not written in English language, an International Driving Permit or an official translation in English language is required.”

Please check with the Singapore Traffic Police if you need to convert your foreign driving licence to a Singapore driving licence. We suggest that you refer to this web page for details and latest updates provided by the Singapore Police Force on Traffic Matters.

Please prepare the items below before you sign-up at our Membership Registration Page. Each scanned copy should not exceed 1MB in file size.

  • Scan front & back copy of your NRIC or Work Pass.
  • Scan front & back copy of your driving licence.

Step 1: Start your Car-Sharing experience HERE.

Step 2: Upon successful form submission, you will be directed to the ‘Thank You’ page with a payment link.

  • To complete your membership registration, click on the link and make payment with your credit card (Visa or Mastercard) on the secured payment gateway. It will be registered for your monthly membership fee and car usages.
  • Our Membership Services Team will contact you within 2-3 working days to confirm your membership registration & payment.
  • Upon approval and activation of your membership, we’ll be sending you a Membership Kit (comprising of your Smart Pass) by courier shortly after.
  • With your Smart Pass, you can start enjoying your Car-Sharing experience.

For Singapore Citizens and PRs, the amount payable is $210.70 when you first register as a member*. There is a recurring monthly membership fee of $10.70. 

  • First month membership fee of $10.70 (inclusive of 7% GST)
  • A one-time registration fee of $100
  • A one-time deposit of $100 (refundable upon membership termination)

For Non-Citizens and Work Pass Holders, the amount payable is $310.70 when you first register as a member*. There is a recurring monthly membership fee of $10.70. 

  • First month membership fee of $10.70 (inclusive of 7% GST)
  • A one-time registration fee of $100
  • A one-time deposit of $200 (refundable upon membership termination)

*Membership joining period is 12 months.

We have a selection of membership plans with rates catered for your lifestyle or business needs.

Standard Plan is great if you wish to use our service occasionally over the year. Sign-up > HERE

Value Plan gives you higher savings if you use our service frequently on a monthly basis. Sign-up > HERE 

We also have a special Business Plan for business users.

Members can refer someone to join us and be rewarded. Both gets a reward of $40 driving credits each when the individual successfully becomes a member. T&Cs apply.

Booking, Collecting & Returning

Members can easily book a car through our online member’s portal or Mobile App (both Android & iOS)

Minimum reservation period is 1 hour, and subsequent timings can be done in blocks of every 15 minutes and up to a maximum of 72 hours. 

Reservations can be done last minute or up to 60 days in advance.

Member will receive a SMS and email confirmation with a 4-digit PIN when the reservation is successful.

For more information, you may watch the following tutorial videos:

How To Book A Car Using Members Web Portal

How To Book A Car With Car Club’s Mobile App (Android)

How To Book A Car With Car Club’s Mobile App (iOS)

For spontaneous reservations, members should be able to book a vehicle at their preferred stations up to 95% of the time during weekdays. 

During peak periods (weekends and public holidays etc.), members are encouraged to make advance bookings. 

Balloting may be required for Chinese New Year and Hari Raya festive period.

To ensure a good Car-Sharing experience, we also constantly keep a close watch on the car availability to member ratio.

Yes, but do note that you can only have one reservation at the same timing.

A Smart Pass will be couriered to you. Simply tap and scan it on the card reader at the windscreen to unlock car.

Enter the 4-digit PIN (dispatched to you via SMS and email upon successful reservation) into the keypad located in the glove compartment, and remove car keys from keypad.

Car Club’s Mobile App can also be used to unlock the car remotely at the point of collection. 

It is important to perform checks on the car (checklist is provided to you) and report any damage(s) before driving off the vehicle. This will avoid any unnecessary liabilities on your part.

Watch a video tutorial & learn more >> How To Collect The Car

Yes, most of the vehicles can be driven to Malaysia.

Member just need to submit an online application 3 working days in advance to have the necessary approval for insurance and documentation.

Please note that there is an additional $30/- surcharge per trip.

When your trip ends, return the vehicle to the same station and parking lot where it was collected.

Before locking the car, remember to check and take your personal items with you. 

Watch a video tutorial & learn more >> How To Return The Car

Yes, but subject to availability. If there is a booking after yours, then the extension will not be possible. 

An extension can be done via the online Member’s Portal, Mobile App or KeyPad located in the car (where members enter their PIN). 

Extensions are in 15 mins blocks and it is best done before the reservation end time.

Watch our video tutorials & learn more:

Extending Your Reservation

How To Extend With Car Club’s Mobile App (iOS)

Yes, you can cancel a booking before the start time. However, a fee will be imposed because other members are unable to book the car for that time slot you’ve booked.

Cancellation is not allowed once your booking start time begins.

Car Usage & Etiquette

An E-invoice is generated when a trip ends and the usage amount is deducted from your credit card or driving credits. 

Invoice(s) are accessible through the online Member’s Portal.  In addition, members will always enjoy the lowest rate applicable for their bookings.

Members can top-up petrol at any Esso service station in Singapore with an Esso Speedpass located in our vehicles.  You do not need to pay for the top-up.

All our cars use ‘Unleaded 95’.

Note – Petrol is inclusive in the usage rates. Member just need to return the vehicle with at least ¼ tank full. 

All our vehicles are insured with comprehensive insurance coverage.

In the event of an insurance claim against Car Club’s vehicle, members are subject to the applicable insurance excess.

Members may opt for the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) when they make a new reservation. CDW reduces the insurance excess by 50%.

Find out more details about CDW.

The insurance coverage is only for the member who has reserved the vehicle.

Please note that both the member and the unauthorised driver will be liable for the full cost of damage(s) and insurance claim(s) in the event of an accident.

It may also be classified as operating a vehicle without a valid insurance cover, which is a serious offence.

Mileage fees (per km) are applicable when your trip begins. They are excluded from the vehicle time charge(s). It starts from $0.31 per km (inclusive of petrol).

For more details, view our rates and plans HERE.

Any additional charges such as ERP or parking are borne by you. 

Season parking is taken care of by Car Club at the station where you collect the vehicle.

To ensure a positive Car-Sharing experience for all members, pets are strictly NOT allowed.