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Car Sharing Benefits

How much is the cost savings between Car-Sharing and car ownership?

Car-sharing allows you to enjoy the benefits and convenience of driving a car, without the added hassle of loans, insurance, taxes, and maintenance costs.

Depending on your usage, you can save up to more than $13,000 per year when opting for Car-Sharing instead of car ownership.

How is Car-Sharing different from car rental?

Car-Sharing shares many features of car rental but offers you much more flexibility and convenience.

Urgent Car Need (within 30 mins)YesNo
Drive as short as one hourYesNo
24-hour, 7-day a week operationYesNo
Petrol and insurance includedYesNo
No pre-drive paperwork or paymentYesNo
Easy access to 250 cars over 95+ stations near your homeYesNo


Booking & Driving

Where can I collect the cars from and what are the operating hours?

We have a fleet of 250+ cars at over 100 locations in Singapore. They are conveniently and strategically located in high-traffic areas near HDB estates, MRT Stations and commercial buildings.

All our Car-Sharing stations are easily accessible 24/7.

Which Car Club price plan is for me?

Car Club offers different membership plans. They offer the same Car-Sharing service but different group of cars and the cost varies based on how often you drive.
Please see here for more details.

How do I collect the car?

After a successful reservation, we’ll send you a text message or an email indicating where you can collect the car, the car plate number and the PIN number.

When you are at the Car-Sharing station, unlock the car by placing your key fob on the card reader at the windscreen for 2 - 3 seconds.

After that, enter the PIN number to take the car keys out of the keypad in the glove compartment.

How do I return the car after my trip ends?

You just return the car to the Car-Sharing station where you collected it from. E.g. If car was collected at Punggol station, it should be returned to that same station. 

I cannot find the car assigned to me at the Car Club RESERVED parking spaces at the station.

Possible problem: The RESERVED parking lot could have been occupied by an unauthorised vehicle when the previous user returned the car. Hence, he or she might have parked the car at another parking lot within the same car park.

Solution: Look out for the OUT-OF-LOT parking sign (A4 size) next to the Car Club's RESERVED parking spaces. Check the new parking location of the assigned car on the board. The member who last used and returned the car should have indicated the alternate deck and car park lot number.

Can I extend my current booking time?

Yes. You can extend your current booking online via the member portal or the Car Club mobile application.

You can also use the keypad in the glove compartment. Just press the yellow button at the bottom of the keypad until the display shows “Extend your current booking?”

Extension is not possible after your booking time has ended.  If there is another booking after you, you won’t be able to extend.

How many people shares a car at any given time?

We maintain a ratio of 27 to 30 members to a car. This ratio permits successful reservation and availability, with a 90% probability on weekdays and 80% probability on weekends/ Public Holidays.

Petrol is included

Petrol is included with every car booking. We will provide you with a Speedpass tag to top up petrol at any Esso service station. You just need to position the Speedpass tag at the “Place Speedpass HERE” icon to activate the pump.

No payment is needed after topping up. Please be considerate and make sure there is at least 1/4 tank left for the next user.

If the Speedpass tag is faulty, please refuel the car and pay first. Keep the original receipt and send it to us later. We will reimburse and credit the amount into your account.
The Speedpass system is not available in West Malaysia. If you refuel the car in West Malaysia, you can claim for reimbursement with the original receipt.

Driving to Malaysia

For travel to Malaysia, 3 days' advance written notification and proper approval from Car Club is required. Please login to the member’s portal and download the forms there.

Can I let someone else drive the shared car?

No, only members with a valid car booking can drive the car. There is no insurance coverage for the non-member and the law is strict on individuals driving without proper insurance coverage.

In the event of a traffic accident, both the member and the non-member (who is driving) will face legal action from the authorities.

You can apply for supplementary memberships for family members. Please write to us at for more details.

I cannot find the car assigned to me at the Car Club RESERVED parking space at the station.

Possible problem: The RESERVE parking space could have been taken by unauthorized vehicle when the last member returned the car. He or she might have parked the car at another parking space at the same car park.

Solution: Look out the OUT-OF-LOT parking sign (A4 size) next to the Car Club's RESERVED parking space. Check the new parking location of the assigned car on the board. The last member should have indicated the alternate deck and car park lot number.  

I tried to lock the car with my Smartpass but the card reader lights did not change to RED and the car doors remained unlock.

Possible problem: The car key may be inserted incorrectly in the keypad.

Solution: Take out the keypad and ensure that the key is inserted fully and correctly. Then try to lock the car again.

I tried extending my reservation but am unable to.

Possible problem

  1. Your reservation time could have ended.
  2. There could be another reservation after you.


  1. Please note that request to extend the car reservation timing will not be possible after the end time.
  2. Please note that should there be a booking immediately after you, the extension request will be rejected.
IU in the car seems to be faulty. It is not reading my cash card.

Possible problem

  1. IU is faulty.
  2. The cash card is faulty/ expired.


  1. Please contact the call center for assistance. If you are not entering any restricted zone, the car can still be used as most parking gantry has cash card slot that allow entry/exit of the car park without the use of the IU.
  2. If you see “Err” in the IU, the most likely issue is with the cash card. Please purchase another cash card and try again.
If I returned the car earlier than the booked end time, do I get a reduction in the charges?

No, there is no reduction in the charges as the car is blocked for the reservation and no other member can access the car during the booked time slot.

What should I do if I were to be involved in a traffic accident?

Call our hotline 6788 1511 and our staff will advise you on the appropriate measures to take.

Do note the details of the other party and names of independent witnesses, if any.

If there is any injury to any parties or damage to government properly, please make a police report within 24 hours.

The insurance cover states that you are not to admit liability even if the car damage is minor and there are no injuries.

Car Club will handle the insurance claims and repairs.

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