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New Car-Sharing Station Opens at Downtown East

Come 6 November 2017, spot our distinctive green lots at Downtown East!

Downtown East
1 Pasir Ris Close
Singapore 519599
Deck 4 (Next to lift)

We are constantly adding stations to bring Car-Sharing closer to you. Keep an eye out for more stations to come!

Meanwhile, check out our existing Pasir Ris stations:

– Blk 108A Pasir Ris St 12, Singapore 511108, Deck 5A, Lots 291 and 292.

– Blk 225A Pasir Ris St 21, Singapore 511225, Deck 4B, Lots 290 and 291.

– Blk 269A Pasir Ris St 21, Singapore 511269, Deck A3, Lots 130 and 131.

– Blk 578A Pasir Ris St 53, Singapore 511578, Deck A3, Lots 101 to 103.

– Blk 624A Elias Rd, Singapore 510624, Deck 5, Lots 100 and 101.

– Blk 736A Pasir Ris Drive 10, Singapore 511736, Deck 4B, Lots 174 to 176.

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