Car Club Community

"I can book a car from the comfort of my home or via the mobile app and pick it up, which is 5 mins walk from my home. It’s so convenient and I can drive different cars for different occasions – MPV for family outings and economy cars for others. It’s DEFINITELY a win-win situation for me, my family and my wallet."
"It's wonderful experience since I joined car club a few months ago. Though we could get public transport or a cab conveniently in Singapore, self-driving to some remote area, such as Mount Faber at 2am is still a unique experience. Thank you for this because we can drive without owning a car, especially when COE prices are insane. Great Program!"
"We were all excited and grateful that we still have a chance to drive as one family unit since we said goodbye to our beloved 10 years old family car last October. With the step-by-step guide, it was easy to book and collect cars at any of the Car-Sharing stations. I also feel that driving a car now is an enjoyable experience for us. I could not recall if I have felt the same when I was driving my 10…