Car Club Community

“I enjoy better mobility in my course of business activities…It also bring me some cost savings especially when I have a few appointments lined up for the day. The best part of it is that petrol is included in the hourly and/or daily hire…The entire process is so simple and hassle free. It is definitely a good alternative to owning a car myself. Thanks to Car Club and please keep up the good work.”
“It is a very cost-effective way for small businesses to have a pay-per-use method as compared to investing a van or vehicle for the start-up phase. The customer service was also prompt and helpful.”
“I brought my friends to JB recently and they were impressed with the cleanliness of the car. I am proud of being part of Car Club. Even though it could be a little pricey than other rental companies but I paid for the comfort and safety of my passengers and me. Thanks and keep up the good work.”
“I love Car Club’s services because of many reasons: excellent customer services, convenience of car locations, excellent car conditions, very reasonable car rates, availability of the cars, and excellent features of the app and system to extend reservation. I have been highly recommending Car Club to my contacts.”