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Can I drive to Malaysia?

Yes, with prior approval from Car Club.

Fill in the Malaysia Usage Application Form, and submit it at least three (3) days in advance to allow for processing.

Can I let someone else drive the car?


Only members who made the reservation can drive the car.

User will bear full amount of any incurred damage/s, and the case will be referred to the police. Insurance coverage will not be applicable.

You can apply for Supplementary Memberships for family members.

Is petrol included?


Pump petrol with the Esso Speedpass provided. Point Speedpass at the sensor to activate pump.

All our cars use Unleaded 95.

Please be considerate and return the car with minimum ¼ fuel tank.

What about Malaysia?

The Speedpass is not available for use in Malaysia.

Please refuel the car and pay first. Keep the original receipt and attach it as an image file together with the Claim Submission form.

We will reimburse in the form of driving credits.


How do I collect the car?

An SMS and/or email will be sent to your registered handphone/email after every confirmed reservation or extension. It will contain information on the point of collection, plate number, and PIN.

Unlock the car by placing your Smartpass on the card reader at the windscreen for 2-3 seconds.

Enter PIN and remove car keys from the keypad in the glove compartment.

I cannot find my assigned vehicle at the Car Club’s RESERVED parking spaces. 

The space could have been taken by an unauthorized vehicle when the previous member returned the car.

Look for the OUT-OF-LOT parking sign (A3 size) next to our parking spaces. The previous member should have indicated the new parking location on the board.

There is no response from the card reader when I place my Smartpass on it. 
Download the Car Club app and use the app to remotely unlock/ lock the door. Please get the Smartpass checked as it may be damaged.


The IU is not reading my cash card. 

Your cash card might be faulty or expired. If you see “Err” in the IU, the problem most likely lies with the cash card. Refer to the date of expiry on the back of the card. Please purchase another cash card, and try again.


The IU may be faulty. If you are not entering any restricted zones, the car can still be used as most parking gantries allow for entry/exit without use of the IU. Contact the call centre to report the faulty IU.

The Speedpass does not work when I try to refuel. 

Please refuel the car and proceed to the cashier counter. Request that the top-up be charged to the Speedpass.

If cash payment is necessary, please pay first. Keep the original receipt and attach it as an image file together with the Claim Submission form.

We will reimburse in the form of driving credits.

What should I do if I get into an accident? 

Stop the vehicle. Ensure your passengers and your own safety. Move the car to the side of the road, if need be.

Refer to the Quick Guide found in the glove compartment for further instructions.

Contact the call center or the duty officer.

We will handle the insurance claims and repairs.


How do I return the car?     
Return the car to the point of collection. For example, if you collected the car at Blk 166 Punggol Central, it should be returned to that same station.
I want to extend my reservation.

Extensions can be done through the Member’s Portal or our app from the Apple store or Google Play.

Alternatively, you can use the keypad in the glove compartment. Press the yellow button at the bottom right corner to start.

Extensions are to be done before reservation end time and are subject to availability.

I cannot lock the car with my Smartpass.

Take out the keypad and ensure that the key is inserted fully and correctly. Ensure that your trip summary is displayed. Try to lock the car again.

Always end your reservation by tapping your Smartpass on the card reader to ensure that your end time is properly recorded.

If I return the car earlier than the end time, do I get a reduction/reimbursement? 


There is no reduction as the car is blocked for the period of reservation and no other member can access the car during the booked time slot.

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