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Malaysia Usage Application Form

Malaysia Usage Application Form

Terms and Conditions

1. This application should be submitted to us with at least three (3) working days advance notice before your entry to Malaysia.

2. You are required to comply with Singapore's immigration regulations that the car's fuel tank is at least 3/4 tank full prior to entry to Malaysia.

3. There is no insurance coverage for the period outside the date of this application. Last minute extension for Malaysia use is not possible.

4. Approval of this application will be addressed to you in writing. No verbal confirmation.

5. A surcharge of $30 is applicable for each Malaysia trip usage. Kilometer fee remains at normal rate.

6. You are responsible for all tolls and parking charges throughout your car usage in Malaysia.

7. Reimbursement of fuel top-up in Malaysia must be accompanied by a valid receipt.

8. Additional excess for any flood-related damage to the car is up to $3,000.

NOTE: If the Malaysia usage application is not approved, the cancellation penalty shall be waived for the reservation, provided at least 3 days advance notice has been given to Car Club.

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