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Announcements: Winners for Book, Drive & Win Movie Vouchers

Congratulations to all the winners!

Due to the overwhelming response, we’re giving out additional 10 pairs of movie vouchers to our members (so 20 in total).

Don’t get discouraged if you’re not in the list. Check out weekly edm for more promotions. You can be the next lucky one!

Thanks for your participation!


S7XXX83C Daeng A Bin Z | S8XXX84G Chin C T

S8XXX34Z Alex T K P        | S1XXX76B Tay J K

S7XXX93H Adeline S S C  | S1XXX17A Lau Y T

S8XXX21H Xie C K            | S7XXX00A Janice C H S

S8XXX06E Rosman N F    | S7XXX73B Suffian Bin S

S7XXX02C Chan K S         | S7XXX55H Irwan Bin O

S1XXX28A Tiong B K        | S7XXX72A Andrew T K S

S7XXX23F Nellie T E T      | S7XXX39J Lim C H

S6XXX47I Tan K J             | S8XXX28I Joseph G

S8XXX78F Low K M          | S1XXX64A Teo L H

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