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Family Bundle Package

Have you ever thought of sharing the car you booked with your family members?

Now You can. With Car Club’s Family Bundle, you can sign up up to 3 of your family members as supplementary members. They will be under Value Plan and will enjoy value plan rates under a family account. For any bookings within the family account, family members can use this booking interchangeably. This means that you can book a car on behalf of your spouse, parents and children and have any one of them use the car which you have booked.

For example, a family of 4 will have to top-up Value Plan credits which can be used by any members within the family account to book their cars. The usual monthly membership fee of $5.35 per supplementary member will be waived.

To qualify as supplementary members, your family members will have to be a minimum of 22 years old and have at least 2 years of driving experience. To apply for your family members, below are the instructions on the application.

Instructions to apply for Family Bundle Supplementary account

– Sign-in the member’s portal
– Under My Club, click on Member’s Resources
– Select Supplementary Membership Application Form, press click to view
– Fill in the form, under the section, Family Bundle or Ordinary Supplementary, click the checkbox on Family Bundle
– After submission, our customer service officers will contact you to confirm the new application within 3-5 working days.

Terms & Conditions

– Family Bundle Package is only for Value Plan members
– One main account could hold maximum number of three (3) supplementary members
– Supplementary members must be either spouse, parents or children and share the same address as main member
– Supplementary members must provide proof of residence and relationship with main member
– Insurance excess will be based on the average amount among the main account and supplementary members
– All Value Plan T&Cs applies.

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Family Bundle Package

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