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Changi contains much more than Changi airport, or even the famous Changi Village nasi lemak. Below are a few places (off the well-worn trail!) to visit in Changi.

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Built by the British in 1939 to defend Singapore from an aggressive Japan, the Johore Battery contained the largest naval guns installed on land outside Britain during World War II.

A replica of the large gun and a dummy 15-inch shell are located at the former site of the Johore Battery, along with a nicely preserved GRUMMAN HU-16 Albatross, a “flying boat” typically used by the U. S. Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard as a search and rescue aircraft.

Johore Battery – 27 Cosford Rd – Singapore 499549

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The Changi Murals are a set of five biblical paintings by Stanley Warren, a British bombardier and POW interned at Changi Prison, during the Japanese occupation.

His murals were completed under difficult conditions of sickness, limited materials and hardships. With a message of universal love and forgiveness, they helped to uplift the spirits of the POWs and sick when they sought refuge in the prison chapel.

Changi Murals – Martlesham Rd

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Hungry? Stop by The Coastal Settlement for a quick bite. Tucked away in a little nook of Changi Village, it is the perfect place to spend a lazy Sunday morning. The interior is surrounded by vintage décor, and the alfresco area is designed for maximum exposure to nature.

Take a break from the metropolis with this casual dining restaurant, café, and bar – their food are primarily local flavors with a contemporary twist.

The Coastal Settlement 200 Netheravon Rd Singapore 508529

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Or go for Singapore’s oldest seafood restaurant. Established in 1956, Choon Seng started their trade at the end of Punggol Jetty in a small kopitiam.

Famous for their mee goreng and chili crab, do come earlier on weekends as parking is limited – especially with the popularity of the restaurant.

Choon Seng 23A/ B Turnhouse Rd Singapore 507760

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Finish your day with a splendid view of the sunset from Changi Point Coastal Walk. Also referred to as the Changi boardwalk, it is an easy waterfront trail which provides views of the waters out towards Johor.

Stretching out for about 2.2 km along the coastline, it takes about 45 minutes to complete the trail. Meanwhile, soak in the rustic and natural ambiance of the place, where the terrain, flora and fauna have been well-integrated into the design of the boardwalk.

Changi Point Coastal Walk – 6 Changi Village Rd – Singapore 509907

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