Is Car-Sharing Right for You?

We at Car Club understand that choosing to sign up with a Car-Sharing operator is not an easy decision to make. With so many different transportation options available in the city, how can I make sense of whether Car-Sharing is a suitable option for me? Will Car-Sharing make financial sense for me? While the question of how much Car-Sharing will save for you is answered in another blogpost, this one will try to answer whether Car-Sharing is compatible with your lifestyle.

Generally, Car-Sharing is for you if you wish to experience the convenience and mobility of a personal car without the high costs of owning and maintaining one. Car-Sharing is all about offering the experience of having a car to members on a subscription basis so that the costs of maintenance and depreciation are shared evenly. This allows for a more efficient utilization of the vehicle and contributes to a less congested, car-lite and greener city! Ultimately, this will result in a more liveable city as well. In addition, Car-Sharing cultivates civic-mindfulness while ensuring that a larger number of people can have access to a car without the expensive upfront payments – a position that is in line with the other sectors of the sharing economy. Sharing is all about promoting access, not ownership.

Let us break down some of the key benefits of Car-Sharing:

Q: Is Car-Sharing for you?

A: Yes, if…

  • You want to have an additional personal mobility choice

Car-Sharing provides you with an additional transportation option with the flexibility and ease of complementing your other choices. Car Club estimated that the occasional car user saves an average of $504 per month compared to owning a car. No more paying for petrol or insurance again!

  • You only need a car sometimes

Singapore has a well-integrated public transportation system that’s on course to run even smoother and more efficiently by 2030. You love public transport, but also appreciate having the convenience and flexibility of a car for grocery trips or the spontaneous outing. Check our promotions page frequently to stay up-to-date on our latest weekday specials.  

  • You need a second car

For when your spouse/ family/ friend has yours monopolized. Or when you’ve just sent yours for servicing.

  • You need something extra

Drive a hatchback to the beach or take a sedan to pick your friends up at the airport. Curious to try an MPV? Or need some help with moving? Car Club has a diversified fleet to ensure you’ll have different cars for different occasions.

  • You want to give your business a little push

Check out Car Club for Business to see cost savings on your transportation generate returns and minimize paperwork claims and hassle. Go digital!

  • You want wheels wherever you travel

Reserve cars with any of our international partners. One membership, three destinations.

  • You want to be kind to the environment

Sharing is caring. Each shared car takes 13 personally-owned vehicles off the road (source). By coming together and being part of the sharing economy, let’s do our part to make the world a greener environment to live in.

  • You want a car near you 24/7

Get a car anytime, anywhere. Be sure to check our station locator to find one nearest to you. It’s no wonder this is the number one reason why members choose Car Club.

Now that you’ve seen some of the reasons why people around the world use Car-Sharing, we hope that we’ve provided you with more information to help your decision-making process. Ready to talk with one of our friendly consultants to find out more about Car-Sharing and Car Club’s flexible range of plans to suit your usage needs? Simply fill in the form by clicking on the button below and we’ll be in touch!

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