How to Go Car-Lite

Owning a car in Singapore is often seen as a symbol of wealth and power. Stylized as one of the “Five Cs of Singapore,” car ownership has been woven into the fabric of the Singaporean dream, a material must-have in an effort to impress others. With recent government efforts encouraging Singaporeans to embrace a car-lite lifestyle, what will it take for us to break our love affair with automobiles?

One way is recognizing the fact that cars do not equate to success, nor do we require them to prove ourselves. Instead, the heavy costs associated with car ownership can saddle us with debt, limit our ability to make lifestyle choices, and even hamper our health. Only by recognizing this can we begin to pave the way for a shift in mindset.

Tips to Go Car-Lite

Start by selling your car. This helps to downsize your life. Try going car-free for a week if you are unsure. The key is to remember that multiple transportation options are available to you – walking, cycling, public transportation, ride-hailing and Car-Sharing. 

Combine different modes to see which works best for you and gets you to your destination in the most timely and cost-efficient manner possible.

Know The True Costs of Owning a Car


Add up the costs of your car and calculate how much/ the percentage of your monthly income spent on car loan instalments, maintenance, gas and insurance. If you could forego all these, think of how much more you could do with the re-purposed money.


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Not Driving Means Being More Active

Excessive driving encourages and reinforces a sedentary lifestyle. Supplement or substitute driving with biking or walking to maintain a healthy balance. Even taking public transportation encourages physical activity.

While going car-free remains an impossibility for some people living in countries where transportation is an issue, we are thankful to live in Singapore, a densely populated city with a complex and sprawling public transportation network infrastructure that makes it not only doable, but even preferable most of the time.

Going Car-Lite With Kids

Going car-lite with kids may be harder but it is not an impossibility. However, it will require effort and patience on your part, as well as a willingness to source for new and alternative modes of transportation.

For when you need the convenience and privacy of a car to go from place to place, to ferry bulky items, run multiple errands or to transport your screaming children, there is Car-Sharing.

Car-Sharing is handy and viable as an alternative means of transportation as it allows you access to a car without the burden of owning one. Learn how Car-Sharing can be a sustainable transportation option for you and your family by clicking on the button below.

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