Will I get a car when I need one?

Members are usually able to secure a car at stations of their choice, 80% of the time. If a vehicle at the station is not available, you'll still be able to reserve a car at another station near your location. Existing or experienced members do not usually have this concern because most will plan ahead [...]

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What are the car models available?

We understand everyone has unique requirements. That's why we have different car models for different occasions, catered for all your lifestyle needs. They are grouped under the Economy, Plus and Premium categories comprised of hatchbacks, sedans, MPVs and vans. You can view all the various car models >>here.

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How many Car-Sharing stations are there?

Car Club currently have 105+ stations all across Singapore. Each station has designated parking lots reserved for our vehicles. Most of these are located near to HDB estates, MRT stations and commercial buildings. For the convenience of our members, we will continue to open up new stations in the near future. To view a list [...]

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