Car-Sharing gives you 24/7 on-demand access to a fleet of 260+ cars across 105+ Car-Sharing stations islandwide. For your convenience, they are located at designated lots near HDB estates, MRT stations or commercial buildings.

Car-Sharing gives you the comfort, flexibility & privacy, just like your own private vehicle. With a Pay-Per-Use model (inclusive of petrol & insurance), you can choose between hourly or daily rates to suit your lifestyle needs. Just book online and pick up the car at a station near you, anytime you need one.


Similar to taxis bringing you from point A to point B. If you need to make multiple stops (with intervals) at different locations, flexibility is limited, may not be time and cost-efficient. For each new trip, you’ll have to pay a different price, where price increases are common during peak timing or high-demand situations. If you want privacy or conversations with your family, friends or guests, it could feel awkward.

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