Car-Sharing Made Easy For Volkswagen & ŠKODA Car Owners

If you are the proud owner of a new Volkswagen or ŠKODA vehicle, this is why you should rejoice!

In a ground-breaking partnership between Car Club and the Volkswagen Group Singapore, Volkswagen & ŠKODA car owners in Singapore can now enjoy the convenience and benefits of Car-Sharing – with a 1-year complimentary* Car Club membership (Waiver of $100 registration fee & $10.70 membership fee x 12 months).

If you have purchased your vehicle on 1 April 2017 or later, and currently under 5 years warranty, this exclusive offer is available to you!

The strategic arrangement will give car owners 24/7 easy access to Car Club’s diversified fleet of 260+ cars, at 105+ Car-Sharing stations island-wide. The initiative also provides this group of members a hassle-free, alternative mobility option should the need arises. E.g. An urgent or unexpected need of a secondary vehicle for personal errands or trips.

Additionally, the flexible Pay-Per-Use model is an advantageous cost-effective choice from hourly to full day usage. Rates are also inclusive of petrol and insurance. Car reservations can easily be done 60 days in advance or 15 minutes before pick-up (subject to car availability) via our online self-serve platform or mobile app. Confirmations are concurrently dispatched through SMS and email.

Eligible owners will receive this complimentary offer from the Volkswagen Group Singapore with effect on 01 May, 2018.

Apply now by visiting the respective links below!

Volkswagen car owners –

ŠKODA car owners –

*Terms & conditions of membership apply. A refundable deposit of $100 is applicable.   

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