Car-Sharing – An explanation

Car-Sharing – An explanation Car-Sharing – A Brief History In the late 1940s, a simple idea was introduced in Switzerland: “Why buy a car, when you could share one with other people?” Efforts were made to bring the concept of Car-Sharing to life but failed. The world simply wasn’t ready for [...]

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Car-Sharing – Comfort, Convenience and Benefits

Car-Sharing – Comfort, Convenience and Benefits There are many reasons for choosing car-sharing as another way to travel, especially in a buzzing city such as Singapore where we already have several modes of public transport for our daily commuting. Nowadays, trains and buses come with mobile apps and time estimators at [...]

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Car Club – As Easy as One, Two, and Drive

Car Club – As Easy as One, Two, and Drive Advantages of Getting a Car for Trips There is nothing better than being able to drive for a weekend away with friends or for a family outing. There are many advantages to being able to drive. Some destinations might be inaccessible with public transport, [...]

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