Tips for a Better Car-Sharing Experience: A for Access

Car-Sharing gives you the unique experience of driving a car without the responsibilities and the high costs of ownership, especially in Singapore. As we move towards a greener and more sustainable future, Car-Sharing can create more liveable cities by reducing our collective carbon footprint. By sharing resources, Car-Sharing reminds us that we are all members of a common society.

The ‘sharing economy’ comes with its own unique set of challenges. To enable the use of a car at affordable rates, Car-Sharing depends on you to leverage on the benefits of self-help, mutual respect and cooperation.

To foster a better and more enjoyable Car-Sharing environment for everyone, Car Club is proud to introduce the first of our “Tips for Car-Sharing” series – A for Access! Each instalment begins with an alphabet from A to E, so do stay tuned for the other parts of the series.

In “A for Access,” we will be introducing a few tips on what to look out for before you access the car. Let’s begin!

1. Book a Car That Suits Your Needs

Image source: Tabirai Japan

Decide on the purpose of your trip, and the number of people you intend to ferry.

  • For short trips involving couples, or a small number of people, consider booking the Volkswagen Polo, Nissan Note or the Honda Jazz
    • Why?
    • The size of hatchbacks is comfortable for up to 4 people. It’s a convenient option to head into the neighbourhood or go on a casual date.
  • For shopping and groceries, consider booking the Mitsubishi Lancer or the Honda City
    • Why?
    • Spacious sedans provide ample backroom for groceries..
  • For trips and leisure activities with family, and more than 5 people, consider booking the Toyota Sienta or the Toyota Wish
    • Why?
    • These MPVs can fit child seats – and still have room for more
  • For long trips, getting around Singapore comfortably with multiple stops, consider booking the Toyota Altis or the Mazda 3
    • Why?
    • Fuel-efficient cars mean that you won’t burn a hole in your pocket

Check the rest of Car Club’s makes and models available. Remember to check which category the car belongs to

2. Check For a Car Near You

Use Car Club’s station locator to find a car near your home or public transport. This is where you’ll pick your car up and return it after your trip ends!

3. Plan Your Trips With Sufficient Allowance

Image source: Tabirai Japan

Allocate buffer time for traffic jams or congestions. If car is returned past reservation time, there will be a per-minute surcharge until car is returned. If another member is inconvenienced because of your actions, there will be a heavy penalty imposed. Let’s do our best to keep the Car-Sharing scheme a cooperative and welcoming environment for all members!

We have reached the end of “A for Access”! Keep your eyes peeled for more instalments on Car-Sharing tips in the future. Car Club can expand our fleet and stations and maintain our competitive pricing only if our membership keeps growing! Tell a friend about us and get $40 driving credits each for every friend that signs up based on your recommendation.

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