Why Car-Sharing is a Global Phenomenon

Disrupt or be disrupted

Future mobility is still in its infancy. Fuelled by technological innovations, the nature of mobility is changing at an unprecedented rate and is projected to drastically transform mobility as we know it.

Known as “disruptors” in industry parlance, these changes are committed to offering personal convenience and social improvement to consumers. Industries that cannot keep up with the changes in pace will have to face elimination.

Giving users the unique feeling of driving a car at a fraction of the cost

As a disruptor in mobility, Car-Sharing gives members the desired connectivity and convenience of a car without the attendant costs that comes with maintaining one.

Car-Sharing is already making waves in the mobility arena. Experts predict a potential worldwide decline by more than half a million cars by 2021, due to the strong presence of Car-Sharing providers (Deloitte). The scale of disruption is unprecedented and in three core regions – China, Europe and the United States – the shared mobility market was nearly USD 54 billion in 2016 (McKinsey & Company).

No longer need to own a car to have one

Car-Sharing allows urban communities in densely populated cities access to a car without needing to own one. This increases transportation options for commuters.

By expanding the mobility ecosystem, Car-Sharing can offer a personalized travel experience whereby commuters are given the freedom to explore a mix of public and private transportation providers and assemble the fastest and/or cheapest way of getting around. This is known as multimodal transport.

A combination of trains, light rails, buses, carpooling, Car-Sharing, ride-hailing, bicycling, walking, etc. become the primary means of getting around.

Changing the transportation landscape in urban areas  

Car-Sharing services give consumers all the benefits of automobile ownership without the high fixed costs that can come with it like purchase, insurance, maintenance, fuel and parking. It also reduces congestion and carbon emissions. According to one estimate, each Car-Sharing vehicle reduces the need for 9 to 13 private cars (Deloitte University Press).

Living without a car is not only possible but even preferable

The widespread availability of technology enables easy planning and sharing of trips to achieve higher levels of efficiency and service without the need to increase the car population. Find out how you can be part of an integrated, greener co-sharing model with Car-Sharing, a citizen-focused mobility solution.

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