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Car-Sharing – Comfort, Convenience and Benefits

There are many reasons for choosing car-sharing as another way to travel, especially in a buzzing city such as Singapore where we already have several modes of public transport for our daily commuting.

Nowadays, trains and buses come with mobile apps and time estimators at stations to help us plan our journeys. Either way, the only thing affecting our choice of transport will be comfort, convenience and benefits.

Comfort and Convenience

When it comes to comfort and convenience, the obvious choice of commute would be a car. Having the privilege to decide when, and going to places not easily accessible via public transport is without a doubt an advantage.

Trunk space is another reason if you consider convenience. If you are doing grocery or leisure shopping, it’s much easier for you to transport bulky stuff or bags of items back to your home. Or you could even be travelling to different locations to do your shopping.

A car also allows you and your passengers to enjoy conversations and privacy. Additionally, it also makes travelling much more convenient and comfortable for young children, the elderly or disabled individuals.

Car- Sharing – The Deal Breaker

With all the known benefits and ease of commuting in a car, undoubtedly the biggest hurdle would be the price of car ownership in Singapore. For many Singaporeans, buying a car is a big decision.

Considering the amount of money one has to spend for securing a COE (Certificate of Entitlement) for the car, petrol, parking, insurance and regular maintenance, the costs of car ownership may not make financial sense for the long term.

Hence, this is where Car-Sharing offers you a viable solution over car ownership.

The Benefits of Car-Sharing

If you haven’t heard about Car-Sharing yet, then it’s important you should know that Car-Sharing gives you the best of both worlds. Having to enjoy the convenience and accessibility of a car near your home or office, anytime you need one. It’s almost like having your own car but without incurring the high expenses of car ownership.

It’s not uncommon for some people to misinterpret Car Rental and Car-Sharing. They are not the same thing!

Car rental companies rent out their cars in ‘Blocks’ of days or even weeks. That means you have to rent the car for at least a day or more. On top of this, the amount of paperwork and undertakings would likely leave you feeling exhausted and ‘exposed’ before you even get to drive the vehicle you intend to rent.

With a large fleet of 230 cars and over 90 car-sharing stations island wide, Car Club’s car-sharing scheme give our members 24/7 easy access to a car, within short notice, and near your doorstep.

For running quick errands such as dropping off your kids to school or picking them up from activities, Car Club gives you the flexibility of using our cars for an hour or two at an affordable price. If you are planning a weekend family picnic at Changi beach, our larger Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPVs) are a good choice.

Topping up petrol is a breeze at any Esso petrol station, since every one of our cars is equipped with an Esso Speedpass. Members just need to tap this small device, pump and go. It’s that simple!

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