Car-Sharing is a concept which started in Zurich back in the 1940’s which has gained traction in Asia in recent years as an eco-friendly, economical alternative to car ownership. It is an attractive option to people who needs a car only occasionally, as well as others who would like the occasional access to different types of car – without the high commitments involved especially in cities like Singapore where the cost of car ownership is much higher compared to neighboring countries. Car-Sharing enables our car population to be used more efficiently.

In 1997, with the encouragement from the Singapore government NTUC Income started a car co-op which by 2007 developed into an independent commercial venture. In 2009, to focus on its core insurance business, NTUC sold off its car co-op shares and was bought over by the then ex-management team and renamed, Car Club Pte Ltd.

By 2010 Mitsui & Co., Ltd., a Japanese conglomerate took a stake in Car Club and has since then catapult the business to establishing over 110 Car-Sharing Stations Island wide making Car Club Pte Ltd one of Singapore’s most established Car-Sharing operator with 21 years of experience under its belt.

Backed by Mitsui who is prepared to invest to grow the business, Car Club is well positioned to expand, making Car-Sharing the next generation service that is in tune with the current shift from ownership to a sharing-based economy.

Together with the support from the government, providing conveniently designated Car-Sharing lots in public housing car parks – Singaporeans can easily find Car Club’s fleet of cars in their local neighbourhood. This will play a catalytic effect in working towards a car-lite society, contributing to a better living environment particularly in a dense city like Singapore.

Car Club will be opening 4 more new Car-Sharing stations in July 2018:

• BLK 61 Teban Garden Rd Deck 4A

• BLK 440 Bukit Batok West Ave 8 Deck 6B

• Blk 504 Yishun St 51 Deck 6

• BLK 308 Anchorvale Dr Deck 5A

For more stations, please see Car Club Station Locator

For more information on Car Club’s Car-Sharing services and locations, you can find us at or write to us at

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