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Advantages of Getting a Car for Trips

There is nothing better than being able to drive for a weekend away with friends or for a family outing. There are many advantages to being able to drive. Some destinations might be inaccessible with public transport, or it might be a situation where you need trunk space for your grocery shopping. Either way, things are much more fun when everyone gets to travel together in the same car for an event. Don’t you agree?

Many conversations and secrets are better shared on a car trip than on a bus ride where things might be awkward to be discussed. Memories can be made in a car much more comfortable than in a public commute. However, one of the biggest advantages of driving a car is that we are the masters of our time.

With the privilege of coming and going as we please, we don’t need to rely on the schedule of public transport or on the availability of transport services anymore. We need not be limited by the last bus or the last train neither with the privilege of driving on trips- so we can have all the fun we want to our hearts content.

With Car Club, Car-Sharing is Not That Hard!

Contrary to popular belief, car-sharing takes much less effort than you think. With Car Club’s mobile application and accessible car-sharing service, our price plans are great for occasional users who might need a car once in a while. If your lifestyle calls for more frequent usage, we also have a price plan that will suit your needs!

As Car Club place emphasis in offering convenience and flexibility to our car-sharing members, you can always check out our membership perks and price plans for the usage of different vehicle models within our fleet. You could easily check out the rates in our Rate Calculator!

Once you become a member, you’re good to go! Since we have over 90 car-sharing stations situated all over Singapore, members can choose the one nearest to their home or office. Within a station, our vehicles are parked in designated parking lots, so you don’t need to worry about picking up or returning a car, even at odd hours.

Car Club believes that everyone can drive a car without the need to incur high expenses of owning one. So join us now and start your car-sharing experience!

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