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Family Getaway in JB June Holidays 2018

Start Planning Your JB Family Getaway For June Holidays It’s that time of the year again, where everyone in the family looks forward to the mid-year school break, to unwind, recharge and bond. To help you get the most out of June school holidays, our Family Getaway in JB Special is open for reservations [...]

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Introducing Car Club’s Mystery Car Promotion

SURPRISE! Here's Why the Unexpected Feels Good! We'd like to thank you for the support & overwhelming response. All cars for this promotion has been taken up. Do look out for more upcoming exciting promotions! Yup, everyone Loves a Jolly Good Mysterious Surprise! Car Club is launching an all-new Mystery Car promotion! [...]

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Stations Delight May Special Promo

Stations Delight Promotion For Car Club Members We want to show you our appreciation with this exclusive May Special Promotion. Valid on weekdays only, from 14 May - 08 June 2018, members can now enjoy additional rebates on your time charge when you book and drive from these selected stations near you. This [...]

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What to Do in A Traffic Accident

Traffic Accident Help If you were to get into a car accident while driving a Car Club car, do not panic. Stay calm and assess the situation, noting down as many details as possible. Follow the below “best practices” to safeguard your liabilities. Stop The Vehicle Stop at the scene of the accident. Check [...]

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How to Go Car-Lite

How to Go Car-LiteOwning a car in Singapore is often seen as a symbol of wealth and power. Stylized as one of the “Five Cs of Singapore,” car ownership has been woven into the fabric of the Singaporean dream, a material must-have in an effort to impress others. With recent government efforts encouraging Singaporeans to [...]

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Mother’s Day Special – Win NTUC Vouchers!

Celebrate Mother’s Day 2018 with Car Club and Stand to Win $200 NTUC Vouchers! From 7 to 25 May 2018, every $50 spent on time charges will entitle you to one chance at winning! 1st Prize: $200 NTUC FairPrice vouchers 2nd Prize: $100 NTUC FairPrice vouchers 3rd Prize: $50 NTUC FairPrice vouchers Winners [...]

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Buy Now Save Later May 2018

Pay $50 & Get $60 Driving Credits Now! Save 16% With Our Popular Buy Now Save Later Promo!We're always doing our best to give back savings because you deserve the best.  From 1 - 3 May 2018, you'll be able to drive away in high spirits with an additional of $10 driving credit for each $50 [...]

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A Beginner’s Guide – Ten Questions Answered

Before becoming a member 1. What is Car-Sharing? 2. What is the difference between Car-Sharing and car rental? 3. Is Car-Sharing right for me? 4. What are the car models available? Check out our available models. Do choose the model best suited for you based on your needs. 5. What are the locations available? Car Club [...]

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5 Car-Lite Cities Around the World and What We Learned

Most Interesting Car-Lite Cities Around The World Following the introduction of the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint three years ago, Singapore has been careening into a car-lite future. Part of the initiative has been to reduce the annual allowable car growth to zero from February 2018, which made international headlines. What are some initiatives taken by [...]

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Car-Sharing vs. Car Rental: What’s the Difference?

Car-Sharing vs. Car Rental Beginners to Car-Sharing may find it difficult to understand. Part of the worldwide phenomenon known as shared mobility, it is only natural that interest (and searches) increase as the sharing economy continues to grow in scale and impact. As we strive to educate our readers on what Car-Sharing is, we’ll [...]

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