Announcement of Winners : Car-sharing Experience Sharing


Big thanks to all our members for their participation in the above campaign. We would like to congratulate the following 3 winners:

  1. SXXXX782D Poh W K
  2. SXXXX123J Han J X
  3. SXXXX127A Selamet B M

The winners will get to drive the new Volkswagen Polo for $19/day.

Below are the quotes from our winners.

“…..I can choose a car from the comfort of my home or via the mobile App and pick up the car which is 5 mins’ walk from my home. So convenience and I can drive different cars for different occasions – MPV for family outings and economy cars for others. It was DEFINITELY a Win-Win-Win situation for me, my family and my wallet.“ – Poh W K, 47, working for a church

“…Car Club has been a great alternative to the high costs of car ownership. With Car-sharing, it has saved me an awfully large sum of money which I can channelled into savings, investments and my children’s education. I also love the way Car Club continues to transform itself via technology upgrades which has made Car-sharing even more effective and efficient.” – Han J X, 41, Business Development Manager

“….We were all too excited and grateful that we still have a chance to drive as one family unit since we said goodbye to our beloved 10 years old family car last October. With the step-by-step guidelines, it was easy to book and collect the cars at Car Club. The car also moved smoothly and suddenly I felt that driving a car is actually an enjoyable experience. I could not recall if I have felt the same when I was driving my 10 years old car.” – Selamet B M, 51, Insurance Agent

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