Travelling with a baby in a car can be tough. Especially so if you happen to be new parents. However, travelling by car remains the most convenient option to ferry your infant from place to place. Below are 5 tips that will make travelling in a car with a baby easy and stress-free.

1. Pack Everything & Double Check

Make a list of essentials then check against them once you are done packing. Remember to pack an infant car seat that can be secured with a seat belt and a fold-able stroller just in case your arms get sore from carrying baby.

2. Reserved Your Seats? You Will Miss Them

Factor in extra time when baby is with you. Every task will take longer with a squealing baby. You will miss that Avengers movie and that restaurant reservation – but it is okay. Learn to relax and enjoy the flow of the unexpected. You will breathe easier.

3. Plan Smart

Have only one “must do” or “must see”, and have a loose, general idea of the bigger plan. Be more relaxed and realistic in your expectations.

4. You Will Find That a Car Helps – A Lot

All your belongings are accessible and found in one place – your car. The convenience of travelling from place to place without having to unload and pack everything again is surely a plus point. The best part is that a car provides you with unrivalled privacy.

5. Bring Extras

Keep well stocked up on fluids, food, and most important of all: spare clothing.

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