5 best things to do when Singapore gets dark


Frank Sinatra’s “Theme from New York, New York”, gave New York City the reputation of the city that never sleeps. From 24-hour dining to all-night clubs, the city rebuts the notion that night-time is for sleeping, and visitors are certain to find plenty to do.

Though not as vibrant, Singapore still fares well for after dark activities for night owls, with an array of places to hang out, feast and be merry right through the odd hours.

For those of you who usually tuck in early, why not plan a night out with your buddies and have a great time at some of these popular venues that open until the wee hours – by booking a car of your choice from the 105+ Car-Sharing stations near you.

Go for a late night dining spot

If you and your group has a well-developed palate for affordable and mouth-watering treats, then these culinary hangouts would most definitely make your list. Odd as it may sound, but for many night owls, the later it is, food seems to taste better!

126 Wan Dou Sek (搵到食)

Intriguingly, their unit number “126” coincidentally sounds like “wan dou sek”, which means “found something to eat” in Cantonese. This 24-hour eatery is famous for their Hong Kong style dim sum, and you will never have to put up with boring fare here with their ultra-extensive menu!

Which lives up to its reputation for being one of the best in Geylang (some even say Singapore).

Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/80/Dimsum_breakfast_in_Hong_Kong.jpg

Address: 126 Sims Ave, Singapore 387449

Operating hours: 24 hours

Tim Ho Wan

The one-Michelin-starred dim sum restaurant chain originated from Hong Kong and now has 45 locations globally. Their affordable and scrumptious fare makes it popular among diners in Singapore looking to satisfy their “yum cha” crave anytime because it is open 24 hours.

Source: https://c1.staticflickr.com/3/2652/4008118931_07afb58e14_b.jpg

Address: 12 Kallang Ave, 01/02/03, Singapore 339511

Operating hours: 9:AM to 3:AM

Outram Park Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh

Well-known celebrities such as Chow Yuen Fatt, Jay Chou and many others were here for the famous Bak Kut Teh. This 44-year old establishment with a loyal fan base have 5 outlets in Singapore but only the ones located at Havelock road and PSA Tanjong Pagar Complex are open till 3am.

It’s not uncommon to be greeted by bustling sights of partygoers (after a night of clubbing and drinking), friends and families ordering bowls of peppery Bak Kut Teh during the wee hours.

Source: https://c1.staticflickr.com/2/1512/25654475231_70484dcaa5_b.jpg

Address: 7 Keppel Rd #01-05/07 PSA Tanjong Pagar Complex, 089053

Operating hours: 7AM to 3PM, 6PM to 4AM

Nana Thai and Diandin Leluk

If you are a self- proclaimed connoisseur of authentic Thai fare, then these two eateries located in Golden Mile Complex aka ‘Little Thailand’ are your best bet with inexpensive prices.

According to their website, Diandin Leluk is jointly operated by husband and wife (Johnny Lim and Madame Dian). They started selling packed lunches to Thai workers at construction sites around Singapore back in the early 80s and opened the current restaurant in 1985.

They are open for business 24 hours every day, and importantly, the menu is extensive, authentic and of good value. If you dine there, make sure you order their famous Tom Yam soup, green curry rice and papaya salad.

Since we’re on Thai food, another notable gem worth mentioning here is Nana Thai Restaurant – although they only open till 10pm. A no-frills Thai food joint with simple and basic decor, diners can enjoy authentic and tasty Thai food at a very reasonable price, plus their menu is large!

Besides the usual green mango salad, Tom Yam soup, pineapple rice, Pad Thai etc. their grilled pork collar and Thai iced milk tea are a must-try.

In fact, the building makes a good supper place because majority of the eateries here are open 24 hours! Food wise, it’s difficult to go wrong with Thai food in Golden Mile.

Address: 5001 Beach Road, 199588

Operating hours: 24 hours

Fong Seng Nasi Lemak

We’d be really surprise if any NUS students or alumni have not had their supper here!

Located near to the NUS hostel, the eatery is open 24 hours daily where one gets a decent plate of fluffy coconut-milk infused rice, crispy ikan bilis, peanuts, fried chicken wing, fish cutlet, a fried egg and delectable spicy sambal for only $5.

Just remember to park your car at the NUS car park instead of the roadside. LTA wardens are known to frequent this area.

Address: 22 Clementi Road, 129757

Operating hours: 6AM to 4AM

Go star-gazing

All that’s needed are a picnic mat and a companion to appreciate the unobstructed view of Singapore’s majestic night sky.

One of the best place to do this is the 24/7 Sentosa boardwalk. Take a stroll down the usual crowded path after the sun sets, and be mesmerised by the beautifully lit lights with a sweeping view of the starry night.

Another not-so-well-known location for stargazing is Pulau Ubin. Just a 15-minute boat ride away from the mainland, you board a bumboat at the Changi Point Ferry Terminal (daily, 5.30am-9pm). Boat fares are priced at $3 per person for a single trip. Remember to check the boat operators’ timing before making the trip down to the ferry terminal.

Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/6c/1_Singapore_skyline.jpg

Alternatively, there is a weekly stargazing session at the Singapore Science Centre. It only opens till 10pm. You can check out their FB page here.

Embark on a joyful ride

Driving without destination is one of the best ways to get to some place you have never been. Having a car at your fingertips means you can just step on the accelerator, turn off the cruise control and retake control of your ride.

Speed down the express way and flow freely as the road stretches on! Just don’t forget the speed limit of 120km/h.

Venture into a world of our local seafood supply chain

The Senoko Fishery Port is not your typical Singapore wet market. Local fish trawlers, in-shore vessels, fish farms, as well as imported sources off-load their catches at this wholesale fish market, and from here, they get distributed to markets, supermarkets and restaurants across Singapore.

From the lingering aroma of freshly caught seafood and seawater, visitors will get a unique experience with sights of baskets of seafood all over the floor, to the hubbub of raised voices from fish merchants and fishmongers bargaining over the freshest catch.

One could pick and buy the freshest catch at prices that are almost 20 per cent cheaper than those at wet markets. It’s best to visit this wholesale wet market between 3am to 4am where most of the bustle takes place. Bet you never knew seafood shopping in the wee hours could be so fun!

Just a few reminders for those who plan to visit:

  • There is a security post at the wet market’s entrance that will ask for your ID in exchange for an entry pass.
  • The floor is quite slippery so remember to choose shoes with good traction.
  • Like all other wet markets, this is cash only.


Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/8/89/Wet_market_in_Singapore.jpg/1280px-Wet_market_in_Singapore.jpg

Address: 31 Attap Valley Road, #02-29, Singapore 759908

Operating hours: Tuesday to Sunday – From 2 AM to 6 AM

Go cosmic bowling

If you don’t know what cosmic bowling is, try imagining…disco lights, pumped up dance music, glowing bowling balls, pins and lanes in the dark, and a rocking good-time with friends and family. It’s bowling combined with the clubbing experience.

Have a strike at those bowling pins!


Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/5f/Cosmicbowling2.jpg

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