Everyone has different reasons for needing a car—be it to hang out with friends, to send your children to school, to move between multiple locations in a day, or to make it to that important meeting without having to deal with the stress of not making it on time. In the hustle and bustle of the busy Singaporean life, Car-Sharing allows you to fulfill any of these needs without the commitments of owning and maintaining a car.

Car-Sharing is to a certain extent similar to rental but with much notable differences.

Cars can be accessed 24 hours, 7 days a week from the Car-Sharing stations and may be taken out for long or short periods of times according to the user’s needs, allowing users to pay by usage, instead of going by a fixed, weekly rates. It’s like having your own car, or even a backup car, without the additional commitments.

Car Club identifies 4 different types of Car-Sharing users in Singapore:

1. The Young and the Car-free

Late night supper trips with your friends? A weekend getaway? Or just in need of a quick ride all the way across the island? As a young professional just starting out in your career, you don’t want to drain your hard-earned paychecks on car loans and fuel stops but you do find yourself in need of a car from time to time. Car-Sharing provides a low-commitment and stress-free solution to your problem by giving you access to a car when you are out and about and keeping it ready to go on your next trip out.

2. The Family-Oriented and the Car-ful

Children are a joy but raising them comes with more than a few commitments. As a parent, you find yourself facing home loans, tuition fees, bills, and so many other additional costs. Car loans and maintenance costs should not have to be another commitment for you to be saddled with. Instead, parents may turn to Car-Sharing for sending the kids to school and tuition or transporting the whole family during weekend outings.

3. The Freelancers with the Car-go

An increasing number of Singaporeans are turning to freelance work, contributing to a growing gig economy in Singapore. As an independent worker who counts yourself amongst these ranks, you have to source for resources, engage with clients, and get to multiple locations in a day, which calls for you to be constantly on the go. Car-Sharing allows you to make the most out of your day without putting unnecessary strain on your funds, or your muscles if you work with heavy equipment. Car Club allows access to cars at over 105+ Car-Sharing stations island-wide and offers an on-demand service with no long-term commitment (loans, maintenance fees, fuel, insurance, etc.). It is a pay-per-use service, allowing for you to reduce your costs and maximise your profits according to your schedule for the day.

4. The SME Car-eer

Small and medium business owners make up a significant part of Singapore’s market. In today’s competitive business climate, there is more than ever a need to keep costs low without compromising efficiency for a sustainable business. As a business owner, you and your employees need to make multiple trips to attend client meetings, go on supply runs, or for any other emergency purposes. Time and convenience is of the absolute priority, but there is no need to drain your resources to maintain a fleet of ready-to-go cars when Car Club provides you with a better alternative. Business Car-Sharing eliminates or reduces the dependency on private vehicle fleets, which in turn reduces the fleet management costs. On a whole, Car-Sharing helps with cost optimisation and offers a sustainable transport strategy for you and your business.

Find yourself fitting into 1 or more of these 4 types of Car-Sharing users? If you do, then Car-Sharing may be the option for you. Find out more at www.carclub.com.sg.

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