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3 Fun Filled Activities with Car-Sharing for the June School Holidays

Looking to spend some quality bonding time with your kid(s) during the upcoming June school holidays? We did the research so you don’t have to!

Here are some fun-filled activities for the family that won’t blow a hole in your pocket for the school break this June.

1. Prawning – The Alternative to Fishing for All Ages

With a simple rod, line and hook setup, let your kids experience the thrill of reeling in a catch while immersing yourselves in the kampong charm and rustic feel at ORTO.

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Tip: Teach the little ones to be patient while waiting for the prawns to bite. It is a good opportunity for them to practice being still for a purpose.

Catch live prawns to your heart’s content with our exclusive promotion for Car Club members: “Buy one hour, get one hour free”. Baits and rods will be provided.

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Everyone in the family can also cook your fresh catches on the spot at no extra cost with available electric grills at the ORTO premise.

Click here for more information about the promo for Car Club members.

2. Go on a Picnic

On 11 May 1967, former Prime Minister, Lee Kwan Yew embarked on an ambitious vision to transform Singapore into a city abundant with green spaces. Fifty years later, Singapore’s landscapes are now packed with invigorating urban parks and lush nature reserves.

Being a garden city, our island has plenty of scenic spots for picnic lovers wanting to have a fun-filled day out with the family.

Yishun Dam

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Leveraging on the convenience and easy access of our Car-Sharing service, you simply book a car, pack your basket with some marinated chicken wings, hotdogs and salad, load up a small portable BBQ pit and enjoy a barbeque with the family at this picturesque waterfront.

Address: Yishun Ave 1 Singapore 769130

Upper Peirce Reservoir Park

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The Upper Peirce Reservoir Park is a hidden gem that lets you and your kid(s) appreciate the tranquil respite from the city buzz. Although inaccessible by public transport, it’s easy to get there by just picking up a car from any of our Car-Sharing stations.

A piece of advice: if you are bringing food, pack them in properly sealed bags and do keep an eye out for those mischievous primates roaming the place. They have been known to sneakily dart off with visitors’ food.

Address: Old Upper Thomson Road

Sengkang Riverside Park

This is another scenic picnic spot located at the north-eastern edge of Singapore. With a man-made wetland inhabited by a rich biodiversity, your family could also leisurely stroll along walking trails of this 21-hectare park to savour its flora and fauna amid the serenity of this waterway, also known as Sungei Punggol.

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Fun fact: we heard that some visitors have spotted exotic fruits that are not commonly available in local stores and supermarket. While the Car Club team has yet to make any worthy discovery, we did spot some very attractive dragonflies and damselflies over the wetlands.

Address: Anchorvale Street, 544834

3. Explore the Kampong Zoo (and it’s completely free!)

Going to the zoo is probably an all-time-favourite for all ages, especially for families with children. Tucked away in the recesses of Seletar West Farmway, The Animal Resort is undoubtedly one of the lesser known but intriguing attraction in Singapore. What makes The Animal Resort special is its charismatic kampong ambience that could soon be a memory of yesteryears for our young ones. Though not your typical zoo with exotic exhibits, the place make it up where visitors can get up close and personal, being able to handfeed an array of feathered fowls, terrapins, guinea pigs, rabbits and even a horse.

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Tip: Make this a fun and educational trip. Let your kids learn about the animals and make a game out of your zoo experience later. There is the famous Jalan Kayu (prate stall) nearby for a quick detour after a day of fun.

Address: 81 Seletar West Farmway 5, 798061

The best family outings are simple. Book a car with Car Club, visit a local bakery, fill up your bags with some delicious goodies and you are good to go.

Busy as your schedule might be, make a commitment to treat yourself and your family some outdoor fun during the coming June school holidays and have a great bonding time for the entire family!

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